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Jamaica Licensed Electricians Association represents the interest and welfare of licensed electricians, who are licensed by the electrical Board of Examiners under the Electric Lighting Act.

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Board Of Examiners (Electricians)

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Useful Info

Useful Info

This is a growing collection of Study Notes. Knowledge for the Curious Mind.

   Installation & WiringImage 01

For residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

   Electro-MechanicalImage 02

Generator and refrigeration for residential, commercial and industrial works & more.

   Renewable EnergyImage 03

Photovoltaic system (solar), hybrid, grid tie, secondary batteries and inverters & more.

   Data InfrastructureImage 04

Fibre optic cable, voice and data cable installation & more.

   Industrial AutomationImage 05

Solid state and variable speed drive installation, synchronous motors & more.

   Overhead/UndergroundImage 06

Pole Line Infrastructure, Earth Electrode Resistance Test, Energy Audit & more.